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"Well I didn't think it was possible for the Beermachine to produce the same quality beer that I enjoy to drink. Well I was wrong. I'm enjoying a glass of Canadian Red right now. HMMM HMMM GOOD."
Vern, Racine, WI

The Beer Machine Experience

Upon finishing your first glass of rich, vibrant brew you’ll look at your Beer Machine, look at your beer, and thank goodness there’s somebody out there that’s still thinking. 

This Changes Everything

This is what you’ve been waiting for.  Maybe it started with the idea of a Keg-erator back in college. 

Maybe you’ve always wished you could design your own beer.  But you never imagined such a simple, elegant beer-concocting device was even possible. 

Smack yourself if you need to:  The Beer Machine is here and it’s ready to pour some more joy into life.

Ask yourself:  what will it mean to have the power to brew dozens of kinds of ultra-premium, small-batch brews in just days? What will it mean to control and modify the alcohol content of your beer? What will it mean when you have friends, neighbors, unsuspecting co-workers over for a party and you serve them a foamy, tasty glass of brew you made yourself?

When you realize how easy it is to home craft unbelievablely tasty all-natural beers from around the world at pennies per serving, you may never buy store-beer again.  You’ll be a pioneer member of a growing group of home-based Brewmasters who know and understand beer in a whole new way.  By creating your own beer at home …you will truly be living the dream.  We at The Beer Machine Company have been living that dream for over 15 years now.

Let’s brew something.

Join The Beer Machine Brewniverse

You'll have some of the best Brewmasters in the world on your team. And you'll have access to the science and technology with the best minds in the industry.

We aren't just "whistling-in- the-wind, check out our on-line Brewmasters school. You'll be an expert in no time at all.

You are not alone in your love for beer, be a part of our beer-lovin, beer-tastin', beer-drinken family. You don't need to own The Beer Machine to join the Brewmasters Club, just a passion for brew is all that is required. (Although we can't imagine why you wouldn't want The Beer Machine, but we concur we are a little bias.)

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