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"Received your beer machine 10 days ago. Just poured my first couple of drafts of my first attempt at EVER making my own beer. Your claims of outstanding beer are incredibly true!!! Took me just minutes to make my first batch and it was fantastic!!! Definitely will be telling my friends about you product"
Chris Adams Bear, Delaware

How Does the Beer Machine Work?

The Beer Machine works like it was sent from outer space as a gift from benevolent beer lovers on other planets. 

It has revolutionized the way people can brew small batch, premium beers.  You don’t need a stadium-sized plant that eats a river of rocky mountain water to brew beer.  And you don’t need beakers, tubes, a room full of gauges, and three painful weeks to homebrew it either. Technology rules supreme!

All you need is... a Beer Machine (or two).

The Beer Brewing Process

Brewing beer is a complex process that in the past was accomplished in a complex series of steps.  By sheer luck, pure genius or something in between The Beer Machine has taken the complicated, sweaty, time consuming part of brewing beer and turned it into a true one-two-three process.

  1. Pour water into the airtight Beer Machine cask. 
  2. You pour in one of a great selection of prepackaged naturally made Beer Mixes. 
  3. You seal The Beer Machine and wait 7 to 10 days.  (Yes, the waiting IS the hardest part.)

It really is that easy.  No Mess, no hassle, no stink, no prob.

The crux of the system is the specially made, all natural Beer Mix combined with a container designed by brewing scientists and engineers (who also happened to design micro brewery systems). The Beer Machine has a pressure release valve to keep the pressure inside The Beer Machine constant, a carbonation unit to add CO-2, and a dispensing system so no bottling is necessary.  The Beer Machine does the rest. 

When the waiting is over, you can adjust the carbonation of the beer inside by using the supplied CO2 cartridges, adding to the natural carbonation developed during the brewing process, and allowing you to pour fresh, carbonated beer under pressure with "beer head" like draft beer- all from the very container it was brewed in.

The Only Product Of It's Kind

You can’t get fresher, better smelling, better tasting beer than beer tapped in the container in which it was brewed.  Outside of hitting the local microbrew in the middle of the night to tap their cask, The Beer Machine is about the only way you can make that happen.

Is it a miracle?  Easy, great beer in 7 to 10 days?  Maybe not, but it sure will taste like one when your done. 

There are other beer making imitations out there on the market that cost less than The Beer Machine but take 3 times as long and 3 times as much effort for a less than premium result. None can hold pressure for retaining the natural carbonation at the same time your brewing and conditioning your beer and nearly all require you to add mountains of sugar. Not with our Beer Mixes!! - they are 100% natural recipies meticulously prepared by professional brewmasters according to the pure beer law.

Just the Beginning

Once you finish brewing your beer, the fun doesn't stop. There are several other advantages you might have never considered. Not the least of which is never having to drink cheap, corporate, can-tasting beer again.

For A Gift or For Yourself

If he has a love for beer, he's probably our kinda guy, and will surely dig getting The Beer Machine, but never as much as he digs you.

Of course, The Beer machine is also a great gift for a friend, or for yourself.

Get a Beer Machine or two.

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