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"Received your beer machine 10 days ago. Just poured my first couple of drafts of my first attempt at EVER making my own beer. Your claims of outstanding beer are incredibly true!!! Took me just minutes to make my first batch and it was fantastic!!! Definitely will be telling my friends about you product"
Chris Adams Bear, Delaware

How To Make Homemade Beer

Making beer at home, used to be a sweaty, smelly, laborious process. We said "used to be. ".

The Beer Machine works so well, so simply, that in future years, people won’t believe all the crud someone used to have to go through to get awesome beer.  The Beer Machine changed everything.

All you have to do to enjoy the beer of your dreams is pour in a Beer Mix, add water, seal up your beer machine , add some carbonation here and there, and you’re good to go.  You can even control your beer's alchohol level.

But what’s really going on inside the BeerMachine?

When you’ve added water and your beer mix of choice and sealed your Beer Machine, fermentation begins.  For the next three to five days, depending on the beer, your particular experience and/or patience, the beer will ferment at room temperature.  Some time between that three and five-day period, you’ll move The Beer Machine into the fridge.  For the next four or five days the beer will clarify and absorb the natural carbonation produced during fermentation.  Learn more about how the Beer Machine works.

It's Simple.

Now the fun part

Testing, tasting and drinking your liquid gold. 

Depending on carbonation levels produced in brewing, and your own personal taste, you can add CO2 with a flick of the wrist using the carbonation unit.   If you want more fizz, you’ve got it.  You can get wild, create your own beer recipes and make each batch your own unique creation.

Then taste, enjoy, and try to make the 28 - 12 ounce servings last a while. You just can't buy beer that tastes this good, why would you want to?

Have some friends over for a party , brag a little, or alot. It's a new way to experience your passion for beer.

Be A Part of the Rich History and Tradition of Beer Brewing at Home

We here at the BeerMachine are just like you, we wanted to brew great tasting beer at home. The Beer Machine is a fruit of our labor. Make your contribution to the beer tradition, get your Beer Machine.

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