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"Hi There! I really enjoy my beer machine very much It has made lots of great beer for me and I can't wait to order more of your great mixes."
Richard Templeton Westminster,CO

The Beer Machine ...Making the Complex Simple

Brewing beer is a long, complicated process…isn’t it?  Well, for the first 5000 years or so it was. 

Not any more, my friend. 

The Beer Machine revolutionizes beer making, allowing the homebrewer with no experience to craft distinctive beers quickly and simply. How does it work?

Say Goodbye to the Way It Used to be

There was a time when brewing your own beer meant a chemistry degree and all the beakers and tubes and gauges that went with it.  Not now.  The Beer Machine comes in a box with fewer than ten parts that takes minutes to snap together. Nothing against science , you just don't need to know it to make tasty beer with your Beer Machine.

Even if you can’t figure out your computer, even if you think your oil light means “all is well,” even if you’ve been on a company beer binge for months…you won’t have the slightest problem using your Beer Machine.

Used to be that brewing beer was a multiple step process that required experience, patience and the ability to deal with spills, smells and starting over.  Uh-uh.  With The Beer Machine and the specially prepared all-natural beer mixes, brewing beer becomes a one-step operation…if you don’t count moving the beer into the fridge and a flip of the wrist to add some carbonation now and then. 

No mess, no hassle, no smells, no clean up.

That’s it. The Beer Machine is that simple. Get one now.

Simple is Good

And in the case of The Beer Machine, simple is good.  Much of the hardest work – finding and mixing the ingredients – is done for you, we figured it out.  The rest magically happens inside The Beer Machine.

This elegant design and simplicity means you can concentrate on the best part: enjoying the unbelievable delicious beer you’re making.  And with The Beer Machine, you won’t have to wait long.  Brewing homemade beer takes just 7 to 10 days as opposed to three times as long for the traditional homebrewing method

What's the catch? Well there really is none, unless you don't like naturally brewed great tasting beer, cause that is what you are gonna end up with at the end of the process.

Oh, it's the beer mixes, you have to use proprietary beer mixes for the Beer Machine to work right?. No, you can create your own recipes and customize your beer in the Beer Machine. Check out The BrewMasters Club !

There are other advantages as well.

You may find other beer making imitators out there on the market that cost less than The Beer Machine. But these products take 3 times as long and require 3 times as much effort for a less than premium result. A tell tale sign is the mountains of sugar you still have to add in brewing and the boiling of the ingredients and then the second stage of bottling and waiting required because the ingredients are not fully prepared and the equipment is not built to be a precision pressure vessel that will perform all the brewing functions in a single operation like The Beer Machine.

Can’t you just taste the beer?

There is no simpler way to get from dreams of brewing to enjoying your own beer than The Beer Machine.

Why don't you have one yet?

Looking for a gift for him, the Beer Machine is a homerun for any guy that loves beer.

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